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looks like a diagnostic tool...good for intermittant fault diagnostics. Thats why it will record what happens when it sees a fault. The scan tools we use at ford have capabilities similar to this but our tools are more sophisticated.


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I don't believe that I have seen any discussion on this. Basically, it is a datalogger that hooks up to the OBD II and records various data (depends on the model selected), then hooks to the PC and displays it, graphs it and so on...

The model most interesting is CarChipE/X™:

CarChip installs in seconds and lets you troubleshoot your engine, log your car's performance, monitor driver performance, and save money, time, and worry!

CarChip fits all 1996 and later foreign and domestic vehicles to automatically record and store up to 300 hours of trip details and measures up to four engine parameters every 5 to 60 seconds. Choose from 23 parameters, including:

Throttle position
Engine load
Coolant temperature
Intake manifold pressure
Air flow rate
Intake air temperature
Timing advance
Fuel pressure
Fuel system status
Short– and long–term fuel trim
Oxygen sensor output voltage
Battery voltage

BTW, trip details (always logged) are:
Time, date and distance for each trip
Speed logged every 5 seconds
Hard acceleration and decelerations
Engine diagnostic trouble codes and status of other engine parameters when the code occurred
Idle time
Time and date CarChip is connected or disconnected.

Now, I think this is not for serious tuners (data logging every 5 sec????), more like a casual user that want to know more about how their car is running or keep tabs on the valet parking boys.
Price is not bad, 140 for basic and 180 for E/X version... Any comments?
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