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Carlisle Custom Compact Nationals Cancelled for the future.

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Since I didn't hear it myself, here's two quotes from a local msg board.

Well this afternoon on the news the people from Carlisle Productions just got out of a meeting and they said that there will be no more Custom Compact Event.

They said that there was several fights and someone attacked a security guard one of the days.

They also said that several neighboors in the area complained about noise and reckless driving.
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To those who worked on Saturday and were dead tired, this may be good news. To others maybe not, but it was announced today that Carlisle Productions has decided to cancel the Custom Compact Show in the future. The level of "hooliganism" that the "SCC" crowd cannot seem to bring itself above has put the nails in the coffin. I suspect it would have been only a matter of time until someone sued Carlisle Productions over the typical incidents that we have seen over the years.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">As I was leaving the show late Sunday afternoon, there was a group of punks filming cars doing burnouts on the fairgrounds. I'm sure just one of many immature acts that led to the cancellation of the show. I'm so glad we didn't hold FX03 there this year.

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how some of u guys go 2 the SAME car show 4 2 and even 3 days is somethin i dont understand. now in the span of 1mth ur gonna do 2 carisle car shows, 4-6 days total.

people realize....FX03 IS NOT all 3 days, its a bunch of people showin up as a group on SUNDAY 4 it. this is the all ford carisle event. and yes it will b a ticket fest...nowhere near as bad as the compact show.

w/all ford-FX nearing, y so many of u decided 2 go 2 the compact show, c'g in most cases cars u make fun of everyday. instead u could have come down 2 all ford/svt day at 75-80 dragway and run ur car (if u wanted) all day 4 20bux and even get into a class(s) if u wanted and run 4 money/trophy/prizes....and yes if u didnt wanna run, there was a car show as well.

but NO, i had 2 look at an absolutely pathetic representation of foci there...even the svtoa officials mentioned it. at most we had 6 cars runnin, 1 showin (sheehy ford car). by lunchtime we had 2-3 cars left, an hr later i was by myself. i had 2 go and tell the track officers 2 cancel the focus shootout b/c i was the only 1 left. thus i was left 2 pester GTs/others all day.

i dont have anythin against show, but we need 2 get these cars out on the tracks in ur area (whatever discipline). b/c sadly, i'm gettin a lotta poor excuses on y people dont even wanna try and run. meanwhile they make their car look cool and fast....sorry but fast sittin still, but like ur wheels, ur in the 18s in the 1/4...thats not somethin 2 'show'.

its a bear tryin 2 get some1 else 2 go w/u (by urself is not fun at all, regardless of situation), and it continues 2 get harder. idk y many of u out there duck runnin ur car ever (some of those seem 2 only do it on the street and that pisses me even more). all this dont wanna b laughed at, feel outta place, wont go fast, bs is just that...u'll get more respect 4 runnin and tryin and improvin from the any1 that matters than not tryin at all or doin it illegal.

many of u guys r quick enuff 2 give GTs a big fuss in the 1/4, or vipers and minis in 'X, or even bmw's at the road course.

well enuff of b'g, let get these foci out 2 the track (whichever) more often and get more people into it b/c of it and thus further appreciate the car 4 what it is.

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oh look, a peanut gallery.

well if a drunken stooper party in a hotel 4 3days waitin 4 every1 2 show up sunday is what u call FX, then i dont think many will b down til sunday.

hmmm, thats funny, carisle's website says nothin bout 'FX03' on their website alas....

some guys in a club showing up 2 a car show isnt an event. u have many people out there dooped into thinkin this deal is most all bout foci. get ur own individual deal at carisle, then call it an event.

otherwise just say many of u r goin up 2 all-ford the whole wkd 4 a g2g b/c some r showing others spectatin. then u have a big g2g at the show on sunday when its cheaper and b/c most of the other shows/displays/and swap meet have commenced, u all can meet up on the lawn 4 a big gathering.

lastly, how u go and do this at carisle 2 times in less than a mth baffles me. guess it'll give u guys yet another chance 2 go thru more than just show judging, as in cop judgin. no wonder we're interpreted like hondas.

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g2g /= event ollie...

chris...dont put words in my mouth ok, and sadly, u know how i type on the net, so dont use that 2 try and bolster ur argument. as 4 me and not hangin w/u all, if that were the case, i'd make no attempt 2 get any1 out 2 run their cars or 2 go 2 an event (and i will still pester u 2 run ur car like i have so many times, y b/c i think u'll have some fun, even if u only run once). if u could read a lil closer, then the mere line 'goin by urself is boring, period' would stand out, and alas that argument in put down.

i'm not wantin a war here, i want clarification, b/c i got people askin me how 2 get 2, or how/when is, the all focus show up at carisle? if trumphin it up 2 get more people here is what ur goal is, then fine i have no quarrel w/that, all the better, but ur confusin a lotta people.

and as 4 tryin 2 mix up what many of us do w/these foci...i think its 4 the betterment of the car, i still get the snide question 'dont those cars show well?' or 'those cars do better in shows right?'...that has 2 stop. so lets get out there sometimes this summer and run these cars, yes whether 'X, drag, lappin days, even a cruise or mountain ride.

again, chris, i'm not fightin and tryin 2 put a blackmark on FX, i wanna go personally, couldnt last yr which i was p'd bout but u know, i dont think mother would let me skip commencment 4 a ford show. i'd like 2 go this yr, granted pop and i will over at the swap meet most of the day lookin 4 stuff, but nonetheless. when u work most wkends, gettin 2 g2gs is hard if not impossible, hence my non-appearance on many an occassion. anyways, i will c u all there, just do like u did down in regional and clarify some things 4 every1.

curtis, i think its sad when people say this bout u behind ur back, but when they call u chris' lil sidebick or butt buddy, i think its in really poor taste, chris doesnt need any help, he's accomplished much of FX himself.


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fair enuff, i can c ur line of reasoning.

my bigger question was y many of u guys wanted 2 go 2 carisle 2 and 3 days twice in 1 mth...think things would get boring or go flat.

yes chris i agree its sad that some say that. curtis is a cool cat and of course i know ur friends (although sometimes it seems u wanna tear each other's head off, granted idk if that playin or not, ur call) (and yeah i havent 4gotten he drag'd last fall WOOHOO, have it on vid) and doesnt need that crap. u did cut my 'trumphin' quote off, makes its conentation sound negative, the whole quote i made voice my positive vibes in approval of u gettin more people 2 go.

i just thought it'd b cool 2 come down 2 svt day, those who wanted 2 show could show, those who wanted 2 go could last time. instead of goin 2 carisle where u'll b in less than a mth, at a show notorious 4 'cop judgin', lots of unnecessary stuff goin down, and many cars of which many of us on here poke fun at everyday. at least 4 that 1 day, no law against goin back up sunday.

u cant help but get disheartened when no1 will go and run w/u, or just even go w/u (drag'n in my case primarily). i wanna c more cars out there runnin, b/c that breeds development of spd parts and gets more people who thought it was just their work and back or grocery getter out there. i think chris t. had this type of thing goin on when he was essentially the only 1 goin out there, u cant help but get bored, disheartened, and have ur interest wain b/c it doesnt feel like it holds any meaning.

just wanna c u guys get out and run these cars u put so much time into...shows r ok, i dont frequent them personally, but thats my deal, however i dont mind catchin 1 here and there...just hope the flipside on ur end is available.


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alright alright...u all win, i wont ask 4 any1 in mid-at 2 go 2 the a strip. i'm tired of tryin, and dont wanna ask anymore. if i c some1 there (very sparse at best) then hey all the better.

i'll also try and not burden u w/my presence during mid-at g2gs or events, wouldnt want any1 'ahhhhh man, look who rolled up, he's here'. last place i wanna b is somewhere i'm not welcome.

as i've said i'm tired...i'll just go on my way, try 2 win some more (maybe some $$$ next time) and b the 'stang guys lil brother at Free State SVTOA. and as all foci should b, a pest that must b dealt with 2 the imports at the strip.

good luck every1,

OK, we'll rent a drag strip for a day. i'll get it together, and possibly front the money til everyone who goes pays. i'll get dates, tracks, fees, car counts....will decide from there. good idea for a get together this summer to supplement the car show/display meetings we have.

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