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cat back question?

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im going to have a friend of mine make me a cat back and we are going to put in a magnaflow muffler... my question is would i need a resonator in there? or will i be fine with the muffler?
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if you plan on putting a race header on, then get the resonator.
I'd go resonator. While you may lose a little (minimal at best) your ears will thank you. Especially if you ever switch to an ORP and/or a race header.
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if you do a race header your gonna want a resonater...if your gonna keep the cat your not gonna need one

no resonater+race header= raspy as [censored]
wow...I can't say anything that hasn't already been said in this thread.

Everyone's right.

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i would not want to hear a focus with a race header, and no resonating section.
ok thanks a bunch guys.... im going to keep the cat for a while. so ill buy a resonator when/if i go to the race header
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