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CAUTION!...Bad focus for sale on Craigslist OHIO

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This guy has been Spaming ohio craigslist ads boasting a clean SVT.
I looked at the car this past week. It appears very clean in pics however it is not. The Interior pics he will send are stock images,the seats are ripped thru and stained. The radio and dash has electrical problems. I was told the car was at this guys house and ready to see.THe owner told me to call when i got there and he would come out. The GPS directions he gave me took me to a crappy auto-garage in a shady part of town where the car was on lift to "Replace a wheel bearing" even though the guy told me it was ready to go. Also the owner wasnt there but his "buddy" was, an old dirty looking dude and his 5 buddies who were all smoking and drinking ****ty beers. After it came off the lift the ABS lights went on and so did the CEL. When I poped the hood there was a burning joint sitting on the battery and a Mountain Dew stuck behind the headlight. Still wanting to get a good deal on a seemingly clean 02SVTF body i test drove it.I have never felt a getrag that was like soggy dough. Couldnt find a shift gate or get it into 5th gear. Something shady is up. THe price has droped $600 in the past week despite his claim that he will keep it if he doesnt get what he wants. Just a warning, it sucks a car that could have been nice fell into the wrong hands. IF you go check it out dont go alone...

TL/DR this craigslist ad is completley false, the car is at what seems like a chop shop full of shady people.Electrical and transmission problems!
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I also had to ask the "Owner" five times for his name...and he canceled appointments to view the car twice.
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