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cheaper alternative seat

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anyone know of a seat that is basically the equivalent of the sparco torino 2 in style/comfort that is cheaper then sparcos whopping 629 bucks a seat?!
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ach 45 lbs per seat! That's without brackets!
here is one i am thinking of getting these

see how similar they look

and here is the link to the ebay auction
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toucan make a seat for $589.00 a PAIR. Thats not a bad price for 2 seats.
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do you know how much those tenzo r seats are?? I was also lookin at Corbeau CR1 and A4s...opinions?
check ebay i put a link on my last post but i think they go for $450 (give or take) a pair on ebay and i believe they have different colors
i think that d a d seats are just like sparco's very nice i have sat in them they are to close to the same that if you embroidered sparco on them sparco owner's wouldn't even know
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anyone got that link to the site that was selling them really cheap racing seats, looked like sparcos and all that but had no labelings on it for liek 150 bux a seat

nvm found it
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