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Check this out, Funny Stuff

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This guy is so full of it, it isn't even funny, I sent him an email telling him he was the laughing stock of the focus community ( forums first pointed this out) and that he was nothing but another BS ricer, and this is his email he returned to me: (maybe not the best language for younger people, but not my words)

"i tell you what i dont care who's laughing at me in the ford focus community as your gay ass would call it . i have the svt bottom end, ford installed it and its covered under warranty . also if you were part of the focus community you would know that there is about 35 other foci's like mine with the motor .ford was doing a test market because the 2nd gen svt was going to be a 4 door , also there is a prototype focus 1.8 turbo 4 door sedan i bet you didnt know that did you ******. also you can get svt rims from any shop but, mine are color matched from svt because i have metal flake on my paint job they color matched with the flake on the rims . i have no reason to lie because i got it all for free . oh yeah your wrong ,the 5 speed will bolt up to the svt bottom they had to put a gear block in my tranny so before you go talking **** you ****** learn your stuff"
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Then I emailed him back saying how it was interesting that they choose him in Flordia and not someone in Michigan, I thought that was interesting. He tried to sell that car on ebay but noone would buy it because they all know he is full of it. What do you guys think, you probably could email him with more specific heartbreaking comments than I did so have fun.
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yeah over at they have a postup about this car, it is funny.

i was thinking about sending him a email just for the hell of it, to tell him what an dumba$$ he is.
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