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Checked out an RS today in person.

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A friend of mine let me know there was an RS in Dearborn, so I swung by to check it out. It was pretty cool seeing it. I got to check it out, sit in it, but not drive it.

I have mixed feelings. I mean, it was cool, it's a nice looking car. I'd buy one in a second if it was sold in N/A and I needed a new car. It would easily dominate the market. The performance of an SRT-4, in the best looking body available.

But I guess I was a bit let down. It wasn't *as* cool as it's hyped up to be. Visually, it wasn't that agressive. You don't notice the fender flares or wheels as much as you'd think. The interior is just your basic Focus interior, with a funky center console.

The seats looked great, but were actually less supportive than ZX3 seats. The bolsters were too wide for me. I wouldn't take those seats if you gave them to me.

But mainly the outside... I parked my car right beside it, and it didn't have as much of a visual impact as you'd think. Front the front the flares really didn't stand out so much. From the rear they did, it looked like it has a nice low fat ass. But coming at you... not really. And then when you consider the suspension compromises that were made for that mild visual improvement, not really worth it.

It's a shame Ford isn't smart enough to bring the car over. They could sell them at $22k, and sell every one. But I just don't "worship" the car as much as I used to. There are plenty of people in America who have Foci that are just as cool.
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Whatever whoever said. I won't mind having one.
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