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Chrome Valve Cover

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Does anyone know of a company that makes or sells chrome valve covers for our cars??? FocusSport had one some time ago but I am not into the logo. I wanted a chrome cover with the Ford logo on it???
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Get the old Contour Zetec valve cover and get that chromed.
Here's a pic of Nick's that is powdercoated a smokey-gloss color:

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I got one from a 2000 focus. I will be sending this to get jet-hot coated in the sterling finish. I wil post pix when it is done.
there is a company but i cant think of the name i saw it in ffm. not sure what page but i deffinately know it was by a precision turbo ad. look there.

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I'm going to hunt one of those Contour valve covers down.
Check out HPC for some cool coating colors and example valve cover pics. Here's an example off the website:
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I looked into getting mine chromed but it cost like 200 bucks!
HPC cost to coat the valve cover like the one in the pic is 100.
jet hot sterling finish is 50 bucks for a cover
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HPC has the same coat for $50 too. Chroming not worth it.

Fits Ford Focus with the high performance 2.0 Liter Zetec engine. (Does not fit Focus SVT.) Comes with gasket, hose fitting, and oil cap. Use stock fasteners. Spark plug cover is additional and comes with fasteners. Click on image to see a larger picture of a cover in high gloss finish with removeable spark plug cover or load PDF file listed below.

Shown in as-cast finish.

Price as shown at left: $250.00

Not a bad deal at all if thats what your looking for.
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When pricing that valve cover out it is like $420.00 chromed with the spark plug cover. I will get a Contour cover and get it coated cheaper than that.
my polished vc

no one said engine specificc

cost 100 dollors to polish at local chrome shop !
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Sit'n on chrome sure likes to show off his valve cover, heheh.
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