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First.. it'd be nice if the moderators here at FocalJet would create a CircleTrack sub-forum under the racing heading..

Secondly.. In the process of preparing our car for the big March 29th race at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis.

FWD Compacts on the nearly 3/4 mile long NASCAR track, Lucas Oil Raceway (link to video of last years race below).

Last year.. there was only one Ford in the main event.. 33 cars started.. one Ford. And it was a heavily modified Escort.

We at Twisted Focus Racing aim to change that this year.

We purchased a former SCCA race car (photo below), which we got as a rolling shell only.. cage and body.. no suspension, no motor, no transmission.

We have 4 weeks to build this car into a top quality circle track car.. so I'm turning to the folks here at FJ & FF to give us their thoughts and ideas so we can move as quickly as possible.

My first thought.. I want to put a 2.5L duratec in this this, mated up to a MTX-75 with a close ratio gear set, adjustable coil overs. Motor needs a good build, doesn't have to be extreme. I need about 220HP.. I could get away with 200, but if I could get 250HP and stay in the same price range.. I'd do it. Lightweight Flywheel. Cams. A great tune. I want the smallest brakes I can get on it. I need to purchase/make some custom RF control arms to get the 10 degrees of camber needed.

This is what I'm thinking.. I'd like to know what you think. If you road race, drag race or circle track race and have thoughts on making power, making car handle, making car turn.. I'd like your input.

2014 Vores Cup at Lucas Oil Raceway :

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