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How did you do that to your radio?
Popped the stereo out, dismantled the whole thing using torx drivers, and popped off the face cover. Then I sanded, cleaned, and layed down 3 coats of Duplicolor MetalCast Base coat.
You need a T-8 and a T-6.

anyone have a how too on how to change the LEDS for the HVAC controls?
If you mean around the knobs, those arent LEDs. They're actually small light bulbs. As far as I know, nobody has successfully done it.

If you're talking about the AC/recirculation/defogger buttons, those are surface-mount LEDs. They're a little tougher than normal LEDs, but now mine are red. Just pop off the buttons (after removing the unit from the car) remove the clear plastic things, the rubber button things, and then get to work on the LEDs. Pay attention to the polarity too.
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