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Hey guys I have a problem.....

My roommate wa driving my car home the other day from a bar (designated driver of course)and somehow managed to break the housing for the sensor that sits behind the cluch to let the car know when the clutch is pressed so the car could be started. Since the housing is broken, I cant put the thing back in. What I can do is permanently connect it so that the car thinks the clutch is always pressed. The car could then be started without the use of the clutch.

Now, is there a downside to this? I don't care about accidentaly starting the car in gear and having it lunge forward into something. The only other thing I could think of is a problem with the cruise control. As far as I remember, the cruise control automaticaly turns off when the clutch is pressed. SO I was planning on wiring a switch to the sensor so I could turn it off when I use the cruise control.

Is there another reason not to do this? I've heard of people bypassing the need for the clutch to start the car for remote start purposes, but never anything like this. lol

Any help would be appreciated.
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