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Clutch slippage during break-in?

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We just got done putting in a Quaife, and a Spec stg. 3 clutch in my friends ZX3. We drove it down the road, and the clutch pedal is real soft. He was taking it real easy, and it seemed to hold good. Anyhow, he has an AC3 and dynoed at 217 tq at the front he has to take it easy. Well, he decided to give it about 1/2 throttle or a little more. The clutch was starting to slip at this point. RPM's went up and we didn't go faster. My question something wrong with the clutch? Should it hold alot of tq, even in the first 5 miles? Can a clutch slip during breakin? BTW, the clutch is rated to 339 tq. Thanx.

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It should hold real well right from the get-go. I haven't had to put a clutch in my ZX3 yet, but every other new clutch I have put in (trucks, front and rear drive cars) has not slipped at all. How is the flywheel? did you clean/resurface it during the clutch job or replace it? Once a clutch starts slipping, even a new one, it's not good. The friction surface can become glazed ans start slipping even more.
The clutch slipping right away is not good at all, must have been installed wrong or somthing period. BTW I had my clutch put on I didnt even think about going even close to 1\2 trottle for like 500 miles and mines perfect. I might start thinking about opening it back up to make sure it looks good also check your flywheel. I doubt its a bad clutch.
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