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Cold Weather Mmm Mmm... GOOD!

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Ok, that's it im moving somewhere that stays cold all year round, the JRSC/BBK Thrives off it! Even on your average 70 degree weather day you may get a good pull or two off the blower then it becomes heatsoaked and feel's sluggish. Yet when its 50 degrees now i ran it for a good 20 minutes hard, and it was ripping it up, none the less i popped my hood after it was done and the blower was warm not burning up! Well im not really gonna move somewhere but it leads my to ask for some opinions. I really love how the car runs with cold weather, but im moving to Texas in a few months which will prolly only see about 60's lowest at night... So im thinking of a 50 shot of N20, and i know what needs to be done to make it happen, Tuning, now i know that nitrous is not a permanint fix for cooling the Roots style blower, but im thinking of the times id like to actually get some real power, n2o would seriously help cooling and performance! I guess all im iffy on is the fact that my motor has 62000 miles on it and dont know if that is too high, if so, would i be better off just waiting till im done with school, drop some stronger rods in it then getting n2o? Or is 62000 miles still fairly low for the general longevity of the motor even with a supercharger/n2o combo? I know it's been done before with both Vortech's and Jacksons with stock bottom ends, i just want to hear some thoughts on what would be the best route to pick up more power for this setup...

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You don't need tuning if it's a wet shots.

JRSC's loved nitous.

- Drew
So with the reflash Ford Racing did, they did not advance the timing too much for a 50 shot of nitrous? also you think the motor will hold?
As long as compression on the engine is fine, nitrous will be too. You will need to double check the timing before you go through and play with nitrous more, it would be best to have another program burned for it.

I have faith that the motor will hold as long as the tuning is okay and you do not run lean on nitrous. An EGT gauge and wideband O2 would be a wise investment with the nitrous kit, because all of these might will help save your engine if things start to go wrong and you can move them over to any project car. If you start having problems with nitrous you would see higher EGTs and a leaner output.

I would reccomend this:

It's a totally different kit from anything Zex, NOS, or NX. Those 3 companies have the same basic design. The systems hit VERY lean because the nitrous reaches the engine before the necessary fuel does in a wet kit and this is when things start to break, also a 50+ ft/lb INSTANT increase in torque can't be good for your transmission and clutch. The HighPower system can be run like that, but I would reccomend a controller. This would allow you to spray to the absolute max your engine can safely take.

I had a Zex kit the while back and I sold it because of this lean hit and abuse of the transmission. Of course these American kits work, but these will work much better and you will have a much smaller chance of causing damage. I'm about to buy one of these myself and try to run up to a progressive 150 shot. There is a guy running 150whp (nearly 300whp total) more of nitrous on their forums on a Toyota 2.0 that makes 140bhp or so stock.
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The spray on top of your JRSC may or may not need timing pulled. If you have the stock BBK tune, I'd bet it will be fine on the timing it is on. The cooling of the charge will decrease the chance of deto... think water injection from hell. ;-)
Well, knowing this i'm seriously thinking about it, also i will have the timing checked 1. for adding it if the FR tune is too aggressive, and if i were going to run nitrous ontop of my blower i would probably richen the motor up a bit too, just for some saftey... Thus i could run the base ford racing tune when off the bottle, and a little safer tune on the bottle. I'll either get that kit that is shown or ZEX just for shear simplicity, and run only a 50 shot for now... this is good news! thanks for the info.
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So what part of texas are you moving to?

In dallas it got into the 40's last night

high of 64 and cold! yesturday at edgefest
Houston, about 5 miles from Universal Technical Institute, where ill be studying Auto. Tech.
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