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Color change ideas...

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So... after much thought (and trying to track down a decent amount of French Blue Metallic-M9 paint) I decided on possibly a color change. I know that everyone seems to like the current color, but I have a few spots that need some work as well as the front bumper which needs matching paint, and it would be cheaper to go ahead and spray the whole car. Besides...If I get other body parts later down the road, it'll be a lot easier to go back and get them painted.

So... my two choices so far are candy apple red or another metallic blue color. Later on (as in when I get a c/f hood) I'll be painting the top half of the car black. Any votes?
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Candy Apple Red
candy apple red.

one question, is it true painting whole car is cheaper??
If so, how much was it??
is it true painting whole car is cheaper??
That doesn't sound right to me... but then again, I have no idea what they charge.
To paint you entire car the right way youre going to have to get the underhood, inside the engine, inside the doors, hatch, just abuot everywhere. That is deffinately going to cost more and its hard to pull off an entire color change.
I love french blue. I say have you car resprayed as needed.
it depends on the work that needs to be done. If u have a damaged rear quarter that will need to be spot primered but the primer ends up covering the entire quarter panel, u might as well go ahead and spray the whole car... something thats not removable (ie, roof, rear quarters), ur better off spraying the car unless u really trust ur painter to fade it in. A bumper or door or something that can be removed, its easier just to remove and spray that.
and btw: my vote goes to Candy Apple Red, nice silver basecoat with some heavy metal in the red. mmm.
Well, the car is at the paint shop. When it comes out, it will be Viper GTS Blue...including the side mouldings, hatch trim, handles, and mirrors. Unfortunately, the mirrors are back to stock due to the fact the driver's side aftermarket mirror broke off. I'm getting a killer deal, and will be picking it up on Tuesday.
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good, I was going to vote blue.

good choice my man.
dont you have to drop something off at my house?
I guess I will be the first to see.
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no... whoever visits my "second job" tuesday afternoon will be the first to see it
what time you go to work?
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Tuesday... 6ish
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