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Having been fortunate enough to have driven in Europe and on the Autobahn I would have to agree with what Dave Despain has said.

American's do not fully appreciate the automobile in the sense that Europeans do or at least American's have not embraced the automobile with the same passion or understatnding.

Present company excluded, it is the rare non-automotive enthusiast who can appreciate that a car can be more than basic transportation and few have respect or understanding of automotive lineages and heritages beyond being able to recognize high dollar makes. A Kia with APC stickers is not as capable as BMW and if said Kia sees a BMW closing on it in its rear view mirror, it should make an effort to get the **** out of the way.

As for me, regardless of what vehicular law may dictate, I always pass on the right as I have grown too tired of those left lanners that refuse to yield the right of way to faster traffic. It has become so commonplace that I have all but given up on American ever "getting it".

This fundamental difference between Europeans and Americans is that Europeans realize that not all cars and not all drivers are created equal. In America you have the right to drive and apparently the right to impede traffic if you so choose.

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