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Cossie Focus rumors will not die

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The latest issue of EVO has a small blurb and spy shots of what is supposedly a Cosworth Focus. Actually it's a red Focus RS "mule" said to have AWD running gear.

Of course this is based on the C1 platform which is said to have a wider track along with a longer wheelbase.

They claim 300HP from a "new" 2.0L, 4 cyl. engine (that has 150HP in base trim) which is turbocharged along with the aforementioned AWD.

Also of note, interior trim and switchgear is said to be aiming at "VW" level quality.

Due to bow at the Frankfurt motor show, September 2005.

I take all these reports with a grain of salt, but thought I'd just stir the pot a little.
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Im not going to take out a loan just yet, but ill start counting my pennies.
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