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i finally did it and finally have real red needles:

i didn't use the whole cluster because the cover doesn't fit in the focus and the wiring is completely different. i only put in the gauge part.

the cougar cluster has two lcds - so there was a cut-out in the gauge face that goes directly over the area where the cruise control, shift, and overdrive off lights are. i cut that part of the focus gauge face out, put it underneath the cougar gauge face, and glued it in place. thats the black rectangle in the tach area.

the cougar cluster doesn't have a trip reset button like the focus, so i had to make a hole in the gauge face. interestingly, the clear plastic piece that the gauge face goes on is the same in the focus and cougar, so the button fits perfectly.

the tach and speedometer go to higher values, so i had to recalibrate my needles a little bit using the test mode for the cluster. i got the tach as best as i could - it doesn't really matter for me cuz i don't need to know the rpm anyway. the speedometer was a little bit tricky - it's practically identical to the speed that the lcd gives in test mode at speeds from 40mph and lower. at higher speeds, it's a little more off, but it's still ok because the needle is showing a speed faster than the actual speed in the lcd. even before i did the swap, the needle and the lcd speed were off.

now all i need to do is find the part number for the SVT cover so that i can have the black circles over the gauge area.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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