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I have a 2005 Focus 1.6 Ambiente and live in South Africa.
My dash lights and instruments randomly go out.
It can happen when hitting a bump or a pot hole.
I can be just cruising and boom they are out, gauges sweep down and lights come on.
Switch off the car, do my thing come back and start it up and they are working again.
Couple days later same thing happens.
Not all of the lights and instruments go out, only the following:-

Speedometer, Rev-counter, Temperature gauge, Air bag, ABS light, ESP, Engine Light, Brake system warning light, Engine system fault warning light, ignition warning light.
There also sounds like a damper that closes and opens if the ventilation fan is on.

Radio, fan, Air-con, Petrol gauge and lighter work, there is no loss in engine power, I can still drive.

I have taken the car to a Ford Dealer and they checked the earth contacts behind the passenger front headlight, passenger front wheel arch and passenger front door sill, also one near the sump, battery terminals, and battery earth lead.They also checked the fuses but could not find anything wrong.
They hooked it up to a computer but there was no data due to the loss of power.
They said that to investigate further they would need the car for a couple of days to strip and search for the problem.

I have been searching frantically for a solution and came across a similar article which suggested the problem could be a faulty alternator.
This sounds plausible, but sometimes when I get into the car it wont start, the ignition is just dead, I may have to sit for a couple of minutes trying to start, switching the fan off and on and opening and closing doors but eventually it starts.

Someone mentioned it could be a faulty "gem module". (I don't know much about this)

It is extremely frustrating and I would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advanced.
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