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I took my car in to get the instrument cluster replaced under warranty. (still charged a $50 deductible, which is BS) I couldn't help but notice that there were 2 tiny slices in my dash board under the airbag.. they're small, maybe the size of the tip of your pinky nail, but rather deep.

So when I got home I called and told my service advisor about it and he said to bring it in, but he doubts it could be done by replacing the instrument cluster since it's on the passenger side, not the driver side.

What a big pain in the ass this is turning out to be. I'm 99% sure that I didn't make these gouges myself, and they're not simply scratches or anything. They're not huge, but as I told the guy on the phone, I take good care of my car and I'd know if they were there before.

grr... just had to vent.. tomorrow they said I could bring it down and have the service manager look at it to make a final decision.
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