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Originally posted by wrcfan:
Holy Crap! Enough already! If you want to buy a car RIGHT NOW strictly to run the quarter mile then GO BUY AN SRT-4... end of story!
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I totally agree with rest of your post, however this part caught my attention.

The facts (according to the magazines) is that the SRT4 out handles the SVTF as well, it's not just a 1/4 mile monster, ala mustang.

The amazing thing is the car handles great and goes really fast too. Something the SVTF doesn't do quite as well.

The kicker to me is that this car is only $800 dollars more. Someone said that the SVTF and Civic Si were competitors, where as the WRX was competing with the SRT4. I disagree. While performance wise this may be true, the the MSRP price of the cars dictates otherwise.

I hope SVT and Ford are hard at work to create a competitor. If not, they need to drop the price of the SVTF, that's a reality Ford needs to accept. As I've said before, the Focus's good looks only carry it so far. I personally despise Neon's, but I'm also not a moron. If I were in the market for a car in that price range I would have to buy the neon no question. (save the fact if reliability issues become a problem.)

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