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do we get a FocusSport discount?

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there is a spot for coupon code

i need to get some rotors

anyone know if we get a discount or have a special FJ code?
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no, they help pay for the site...there's yer discount
Yea, sorry we don't give a FJ discount. If we did that we would just give everyone discounts, becauase everyone is on FJ.

What you saw was for ppl that have gift certs or have some other type of promotion they we've sent them because they were nice to us or something.
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have i ever told you you have GREAT hair?

thx for replying!
We need a brown nose Emoticon just for that.
Oz, you know if they had Domokun shifter knobs you'd be ALL over that
and probably make him dinner!


btw, FSVP (if you check this thread again anyway) how long does it usually take to ship to indy?

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