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don\'t be affraid to take on other cars...

Hey guys i read a post in another topic and it prompted me to make this post. I was reading on weither or not a focus could take on an altima and so on. and then someone wrote "I think it comes down to the driver. You can have a fast car, but can you drive it."

Hence i truly believe that we shouldn't be affraid to take on the competion ( on the track of course). I think that 70% of the outcome of the race depends on the driver. Some might say thats a lot but i truly believe it. Ive seen too many times ppl who don't know when to shift to maximize their cars powah. Of course if your racing a stang cobra i doubt ull be able to do much. But when you look at cars with plus or minus 40hp difference i think the driver plays the most important role.

any comments ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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