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Drag tips.

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I'm looking to improve my drag strip times. My 60' times suck right now...getting aboyt 2.8sec 60' times for a 17.1 fastest 1/4mile.

I've been told I should power brake launch, but I really have no clue what that means or how to do it. Are there any really informative sites out there for drag tips? Or does anyone have any tips for me to improve?

I've got an automatic zx3 with a full interior, but I'm going to be removing the rear seats to lose alittle weight in the back and get more on the front wheels...not like it matter too much cuz once I take off it all goes to the rear ne way.

Thanks in advance.
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This belongs in Drag, but...

Wow 2.8, I didn't know that was possible. This sounds like more than a foot-to-gas problem. You may want to get your cam timing checked out. Get someone who drags an automatic to drive your car around and see if they can offer insight.

On the other hand, 17.1 for a stock automatic is about normal.
Oh jeez I just checked your mods, yeah you should be faster. Get that cam timing checked.
i went drag racing for the first time yester day and my best 1/4 was 17.196 my 60foot time as 2.550 . i brake torqued all but the first run. brake torque is when you mash the brake and mash the gas. do not do it for to long. so as the first yellow comes on mash the gas and when the last yellow comes on let go of the brake
focus racer you should be faster too.

My best 60' is 2.4x in the automatic, which is on a run of 10.7 1/8th mile. Only CAI.

I noticed both of you have header/cat/flex/exhaust done...
an auto tranny equipped car with a stock torque converter is never going to launch well. The converter engages at such a low RPM, the motor is well off of torque peak. All the brake torquing in the world isn't going to change that.

This is why you see so many domestic muscle car guys with high stall torque converters. The TC is "looser" and won't engage until the engine has reached a higher RPM. This allows to make more power off the line.
Dragtips 101 <click here

There is my little drag tips section. But, each vehicle, though possibly similar setups, may launch differently. For comparison, my friends 1994 F150 Standard cab vs my 1994 F150 extended cab. I had to launch at 4800, compared to his launch rpms of 3800. My truck was making more power, but also had more done to it, and a little heavier. You have to find the "sweet" spot for your car. Also remember, yes, cold is good for engines, but not for transmissions/transaxles. In a rearend or transmission, the fluid needs to be somewhat warm and flowing. If not, that will also slow down your times, as the fluid is still cold and "thick", especially in a tranny that has as much electronic control as the ATX in the Foci. The computer sees line pressure vs speed and causes the tranny to shift. If the fluid is not warm and flowing, it will cause the pcm to see a higher pressure than under operating temps, and cause the shift too early. Thus a possiblity for slow times off the mark.
I hope I have helped a lil, but its all about you learning your car and its behavior. I have raced other peoples cars, and it has taken me 3-5 passes before I got the feel for their cars setup and was able to capitalize on my driving skill vs their car.
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focus racer you should be faster too.

My best 60' is 2.4x in the automatic, which is on a run of 10.7 1/8th mile. Only CAI.

I noticed both of you have header/cat/flex/exhaust done...
i know! g-tech pro says i am. it says i have a 16.78 car on a 17.357 run
also it was 43 degrees out. im installing cam gears tonight
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can brake torque possibly destroy anything?

I don't have different cams or cam gears...all stock, should I still go get it checked out?

Sorry, I didn't realize there was a drag section, you can move this if you'd like.

Thanks for the hints guys. Next time I go, I'll try the brake torque manuever to see if that helps any.
here are my mods
AEM CAI, 2000 ported manifold, FC TB, FS race header, magnaflow exhasut, Crower stage 2 cams, adjustable cam gears, esslinger UDP, diablo chip, rear seats removed.

I run 17.2 all night long. I guess the auto focus is just worthless for anything. With all this money on parts and I run worse than stock.

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