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Drift Style Hood Mod - HOW TO -

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Ok, here is the hood mod I was talking about in my wiper delete post. I call it the " Drift Style " hood mod. Reason I and everyone I know calls it that is because the drift cars usually have their hood set up like this so they can fix things without the hood being in the way. This mod may be for some, and not for others but, at a show it gets alot of attention, and when you are working in the engine bay, it gives you the same access as if the hood was off.

So anyway, here is how you do it......

Tools Needed:

3/8 Rachet with extention
10mm Socket
Hand or Bench Grinder

Time Needed: Roughly 30 Min

Cost of Mod: Freebie

1.) Pull your hood latch inside the car so you can raise the hood.

2.) Now ( if your doing this by yourself ) prop your hood up with your hood latch.

3.) Take your 3/8 rachet with the 10mm socket and remove the 4 bolts that hold on the hood.

4.) Now put your hood somewhere safe so it doesn't get scratched.

5.) Now remove the hood hinges by removing the ( 2 ) 10mm bolts on each hinge. I suggest doing one hinge at a time just to prevent mixing them up......prolly not gonna happen but just in case this will save you some time.

6.) Once you have removed the hinge from the car, it should look like this..... ( pics of hinge are pics of the passenger side one on my car )

7.) Now that the hinge is in your hand, close the hinge.....

8.) Now this is the part where the grinder comes into play. I used a bench grinder but a hand grinder will work too ( JUST BE CAREFUL ). If you turn the hinge to the side you will see a tab that catches in a slot when you open it. This is the tab that you need to shave down with the grinder. ( This is a safety tab in the event that your hood is not latched and you drive down the road, you hood will not hit the every case I have PERSONALLY seen with this mistake......the hood bends at the hinge and hits the window anyway. ) To prevent this from happening to you........make sure your hood is latched when you close it......that simple.

9.) Once you have the tab grinded down, it should clear the slot and you should be able to fully extend the hinge now.

10.) Now your the hinge and do the same to the other side. ( the paint lines should be your indication of where the hinge is lined up like well as making sure the bolts are back to the way they were. )

11.) Once the hinges are back on and tightened down, you can put the hood back on by re-installing the ( 4 ) 10mm bolts that hold it on.

12.) Once the hood is back on and the bolts are tight, your done.

Here is what you should have when your done. ( Keep in mind, you can still always you the prop rod if you want. I use it if Im working outside and the wind is blowing really fear of t hurting the fear of it cracking me in the head while Im not )

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