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s40 - Visiting my parents for a couple weeks. Snag the keys to mom's s40 and jump in as i leave the airport. press the go pedal and, whoa, something HAPPENS. A few miles onto the interstate and I'm thinking to myself tha I might ACTUALLY choose power over handling prowess in my next car. Car starts shuddering and I point to the hood screaming WHAT THE HELL IS THAT as my mother patiently explains to me that this is called a bumpy road. But I'm still screaming, shocked by the massive cowl shake like a chihuahua in the arctic. nevermind, I CAN"T trade a beautiful chassis for power.

Focus- oh god it's good to be home. Nuff said

Pacifica - Appears to suffer from 'focus syndrome'. Extremely well sorted chassis, especially considering the rather massive weight of the bastard. But no engine...shame really. oh man, i've hated my auto with a passion for years, but an autostick can actually make an auto liveable. THe lag times still make me puke, but I can ENGINE BRAKE. I was wringing the car out during our test drive and my dad was like "what are you doing to the engine??" And i was liek i'm DOWNSHIFTING...LOOK AT ME I"M DOWNSHIFTING!!!! I"M KEEPING MY REVS BETWEEN 4 and 6K. I nearly crapped myself. Needless to say, I was impressed wtih the beast. IT'd make a hell of a cruiser.

And now, for the part that's REALLY freaking me out. We were at the ford dealership, and they had examples of 03 cobras and mach 1's all over the place, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting one in the showroom. And as i sat in the cars making vroom vroom noises and shifting like it's my job (I'm illogically proud of the fact that despite being stuck in an auto i'm fairly competent with a manual) I kept getting back in the mach 1.


I'm a roadrace/rally kind of guy, so it makes no sense why I would enjoy a laid backed boulevard cruiser weekend warrior type car instead of one with much stiffer suspension and IRS. I *think* it's the shaker scoop/old school spoiler, the attraction of NA, and the whole muscle car nostalgia thing. But i'm still freaked out.

Any other canyon carving addicts that love the MACH 1, HELP ME MAKE SENSE OF THIS. IT's like a texas boy dating a brunette (i've been there too). I'm so confused I could cry. NO, but seriously, the main point of this post, believe it or not, was to see if anyone else had driven/read about the Pacifica and had anything to say.

As the gearhead of the family it's my job to do this crap when my parents feel like buying a car i'll never be in.

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Make sense of the MACH being picked over the cobra.

I think you summed it up well... it's the IRS and NA appeal that draws you to it... oldschool hoodscoop and graphics.

Nice story tho
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