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Well my girlfriends dad has a shop for the company he owns, so me and a friend go down to use it to install my new shocks. Her dad told me to move the dunebuggy out of the garage so I can get my car in. I call my girlfriend...

"Hey, ask your dad if we can drive yall's dunebuggy?"

"Uh, yea he said it's fine. Be careful."

It took me all day to get my shocks on because we kept going out to ride the dunebuggy. It's awesome, I'll post pictures later. Nothing like dirt drifting at 40+ mph sideways in a dunebuggy. It was sweet, but definitly sketchy to drive. You had to ease it into 2nd gear, and if you stomped it the gas pedal would stick. Not good, but it was sooooo much fun.
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