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I was in Daytona Beach, Florida last week. Got flown down to drive my elderly parents back. Dad's 84, and skills have diminished to the point of being unsafe, but that's another story. This is likely the last time they'll be driving down, but that's a different story.

My brother needed to have the oil changed and plugs done on his NC Miata touring, so I followed him to the dealer.

This was sitting out by the road, and while I was snapping the pics the salesman came out. Asked if we wanted to drive it.

I said I'd love to, but didn't want to waste his time as I wasn't going to buy it. He said "No waste at all. A joy ride is fine with me."

So we get in, and I'm babying it around. He says "C'mon, man! DRIVE IT!!!"

Tells me where a deserted straight road that's just been repaved is. When I pull onto it he says to stop. Then he shows me the line lock and nitrous the previous owner had installed.

After warming up the tires (fun! watching the speedo hit 40+ not moving) I do a hole shot. When I hit the button (3rd gear) it spun the tires and pressed me back into the racing seat.

Car had a roll cage (pretty sure Roush didn't put it in, but it was well hidden) and 5 point harness belts, which came in handy when I stood on the binders.


Lot faster than the Miata I had driven there, which is no slouch.
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