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Duh...bushings on add-on swaybar on an '05

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Duh...bushings on add-on swaybar on an \'05

My friend and I are going to be installing a stock 20mm sway bar on his '05 ZX3 S. He ordered the Prothane bushing kit. Since the collar bushings aren't going to utilize the flat spots on the bar, should we just go ahead and use the Prothane collar bushings as well as the endlinks? I didn't really think about this until I got the bar today, and I've already ordered the OEM hardware (collars and collar bushings [which now I'm thinking I don't need]), so I have both options (OEM bushings or Prothane bushings) What do you guys all think we should use? Should I just send back the OEM bushings when I get them?
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Re: Duh...bushings on add-on swaybar on an \'05

bump....anyone want to weigh in on this?
Re: Duh...bushings on add-on swaybar on an \'05

From this thread:

Stumbled upon these today while looking for some information on the Focus rear swaybar "flat spots". I found my answer in this: "Bushing Characteristics of Stabalizer Bars". It appears that what we once believed to be true, was not. In other words, many thought that the flat spots on the rear swaybar contributed significantly to the roll stiffness of the rear swaybar. But as it turns out, analysis shows that there may be very little increased stiffness from the "grippy" bushings. Also, that paper shows the original intended design feature of the flat spots: To keep the bar from moving axially in the bushings.
So, the flat spots don't seem to do much, so you can use either bushing.
Re: Duh...bushings on add-on swaybar on an \'05

thanks for the point in the right direction.

We'll probably try it out with the Prothane ones first and use those unless there is a problem or it's too tail happy.
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