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Dumb air bag question

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Here's a dumb question. The front seats on my '02 svtf have a little oval patch on the side that says "air bag". Does that mean I have side air bags? The window sticker says nothing, the dealer says no. I bought it used and am confused. Looked at an '03 while getting the new reflash and those seats did not have this little patch on them.
By the way, the new ECU program is, so far, spectacular. Almost a crime SVT did not have it for more than two years!
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Yes, your seats have airbags ion them...
Yep, you have front side-impact airbags. All 03s do to.

I am curious to see what the airbag looks like deployed, the coverage areas etc. No I am not going to try to go find out the hard way.

Has anyone ever seen a pic of a deployed SVT side air bag?
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The 2002 on up SVTF's have standard factory side airbags located on the sides of both front seats.
blackfsvt, i'll get you a pic in a second.....i learned the hard way....

Okay, this may be the best pic of it I have, sorry... Wasn't really concerned with how the airbag came out when I was dealing with all this:

The bag covers the lower window part pretty well, when i saw it deployed it looked pretty safe to me. Covers more up and down than side to side.
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All I have to say to that is OUCH. It's my car's twin (minus the body damage).
I remember when my infrared svt got stolen late last year. The morons that stole it wrecked it two miles from where they took it. Ran in to a side of a train!!!! Beer all over the inside of the car, all the airbags where deployed, and the car was mangled. Apparently, according to the witness, the driver lost control did a few spins round and round then went in to the side of a passing train....the witness was waiting at the tracks for the train to pass. The front and side airbags where deployed. I never got pics downloaded on here. What makes me really mad is the guys where in good enough shape to jump out of the car and run off, according to an eyewitness. Guys where never caught. O, well least I wasnt hurt...poor car though you guys should of seen it...thought I was gonna be sick when I went to see it!
Go to the link in my profile, I have a picture of the airbag under "Focus Accident". I was very unimpressed by the size of it. About the size of a regular ballon but a bit longer. It also cost $1000 to repair
If it were large I may keep the seats but I figure that if I get something that holds me in better than I won't be flying against the door anyway.
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Very interesting pictures.

It actually looks like it would do a good job to me. The purpose is to protect your head from hitting the top side of the door(along lower edge of window). The seatbelt and front back are going to be preventing you leaning forward.

I saw a study recently which said cars with some side impact protection have a 10% lower fatality rate.

Thanks for the pics. I had been very curious about this.
Hey DriverDan how do you like your short shifter? Was it a PITA or install?
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