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Dyno numbers

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So I got to dyno today. I wasnt that excited really cuz I knew I wasnt going to lay down whopping numbers but it was fun to see what it did. It was on a dynojet and it made 113.8hp and 118ft/tq. Mods are AEM shortram, magnaflow race muffler with custom 2 1/4" piping, and ported TB. What do you think of those numbers? I will post the chart tomorrow after the autox, i still have to scan it.
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Sounds about right
Atleast now you've got a baseline to work with for future plans
Those numbers are pretty good actually with what you got done.
better than my 1st dyno w/more stuff (tuning is essential)

I dyno'd my car with only a borla exhaust and K&N drop in filter with everything else stock and i did 111hp and 118tq
I know I don't have a Zetec but for comparison, my SPI dyno'd 99.9 hp and 112.9 lbs-ft of torque. That was with stock everything but Mac intake and BDR TB. Someday, I will gain respect!!! lol
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