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hey people
not sure if im supposed to post like this but i cant help myself... i haven't felt this good about a car part purchase for a while. i got a great deal today on a set of EBC GD rotors and green stuff pads from a fellow named Joe at First Force in Mississauga (, and i got them same day! (in contrast, perf improvements was selling everything 35% higher, and jrp was 2-3 weeks out on the pads). Joe has dealt with some SVT owners in the past and seems to deal with a lot of subies (he's done a wrx conversion to his impreza, sweet car), in any case he's an awesome guy to deal with and has very fair prices. give him a shout the next time you're looking to pick something up, i bet he'd go out of his way to help you out if he can. maybe tell him tristan told you to check him out, i told him i'd send some focus owners his way.

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