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ECU Flash question

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I just took my car in to have the new ECU flash (seeing as I JUST TODAY got it back from having those damn stolen headlights replaced) and the service tech told me that they don't have any information about it. they said it would be noted on an "oasis report" attached to my car's VIN, and they didn't have any record of something like that. anybody ever heard of something like this?

i got the car in may, so i know it doesn't have the current program.

for you locals, my shop is woodfield ford in schaumburg. if anyone around me has had their ECU flashed and could tell me which dealer will take care of that, i'd much appreciate it.
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You should give them the tsb number and ask them to look it up. The tsb number is on the first page of the thread pinned to the top of this forum.
OASIS stands for On line Automotive Service Information System. Ford uses it as an online database. They run your VIN and it comes up with all kinds of information about your warranty and all repairs done to your car at other dealers. It also brings up TSB's for the symptoms you are experiencing.
At the top of SVT Headquarters there is a sticky thread that has the new ecu update information.The TSB # is 03-19-11 and is called YRF0 not RLA7.I would suggest contacting SVT at 1-800-367-3788 and explain to them what happened at the dealership and they will contact them and explain what has to be done.
I am not sure that OASIS will show the TSB on it because that is more of internal information not public.The dealership has to download the update from Ford directly to update the ecu.Anyway I hope that this helps some and you get it taken care of.Keep us posted.
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