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Just came across this today:

Obviously, we all know the SRT-4 is the speed king and won the comparison.

1. SRT-4
2. Mazdaspeed Protege
3. SVT Focus ZX5
4. Sentra SER Spec V

Read the whole article, they had a lot of good things to say about the SVTF:

When the SVT Focus debuted a little over a year ago, it redefined how good a $20,000 performance car could be.
the Focus still turned in some of the quickest laps on the track. Much of the credit goes to the suspension, as it allows you to push the car right up to its limit and then keep it there with only minimal corrections.
Novice drivers will feel like Jeff Gordon behind the wheel, while experienced pilots will marvel at the car's ability to take a thrashing.
Basically, the car's predictable nature, wide power band and excellent brakes made up for its lack of straight-line punch.
Ranked first in these categories:

Wind & Road Noise (tied with SRT-4)
Rattles & Squeaks (tied with Spec V)
Audio System Design/Operation

Out on the track it still proved itself worthy of the hard-core enthusiast. If you're looking for the best compromise between performance and practicality, the Focus has plenty of both.
When you see the test numbers 0-60 in 9 seconds, just remember, high altitude, high temperature, and uphill created bad times for all.

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is it safe to say that if the SVTF had about 30 more lb. ft. of torque, that it would pretty easily beat every car in that test? i mean even with a substancially lower torque rating, its suspension helps keep it in the game and almost beat all of them anyway. no matter what i would take the SVTF over all of them anyway
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