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Pin number function color
1 shift solenoid - B gn/bu
2 not used
3 IMRC module signal wh/rd
4 Transmission range sensor - reverse gn/bu
5 not used
6 not used
7 transmission range sensor - 1st / EVAP vent valve gn/wh - bk/og
8 transmission range sensor - 2nd gn/og
9 Barometric absolute pressure sensor wh/bk
10 not used
11 transmission range sensor - drive gn/bk
12 switched ground bk/wh
13 Flassh EEPROM power supply og/bk
14 not used
15 SCP - bu/bk
16 SCP + gy/og
17 switched ground bk/wh
18 not used
19 TX signal gy/og
20 Injector 3 control bk/bu
21 crankshaft position sensor + wh/rd
22 crankshaft position sensor - bn/rd
23 ground bk/ye
24 ground bk/ye
25 ground bk
26 switched ground CDA (coil 1-) bk/og
27 start inhibit relay circuit bk/rd
28 vehicle speed signal output wh/vt
29 overdrive cancel switch input gn/bk
30 not used
31 Power steering pressure sw input / press. sensor bk/yel / wht/vt
32 sensor return (refrence/ground) bn/ye
33 Output shaft speed sensor - bn/bu
34 turbine speed sensor + wh/vt
35 HO2S 2 signal wh/rd
36 MAF return bn/bu
37 transmission fluid temp + wh/gn
38 cylander head temp / coolent temp sensor wht/vt / wh
39 MAF input wh/vt
40 fuel pump monitor gn/bk
41 A/C clutch pressure cycling switch input gn/ye
42 PATS indicator control bk/og
43 sensor signal wh/bu
44 Pressure control solenoid A + gn/og
45 Camshaft timing actuator control bk/rd
46 Low fuel indicator bk/wh
47 electronic vacuum regulator solenoid valve control bk/gn
48 not used
49 CAN bus L bu/rd
50 CAN bus H gy/rd
51 ground bk/ye
52 switched ground CDB bk/gn
53 RX signal wh/gn
54 fuel pump output / switched ground bk/wh - bk/bu
55 hot at all times rd
56 EVAP purge valve control bk/bu
57 Knock sensor + wh/bk
58 VSS / OSS + wh/bu - wh/bu
59 generator monitor circuit gy
60 HO2S 1 signal wh
61 not used
62 fuel tank pressure transducer sensor signal wt/vt
63 fuel rail pressure transducer sensor signal wh/gn
64 transmission range sensor P/N / clutch switch grn/yel / wht
65 exhaust pressure transducer signal wh/bu
66 not used
67 EVAP canister vent control bk/og
68 switched ground bk/bu
69 switched ground bk/ye
70 injector 1 control bk/wh
71 power hold realy output (VPWR) gn/ye
72 generator communicator command lb
73 shift solenoid - A / check fuel cap light grn/yel / blk/wht
74 not used
75 gnd (power return) bk/wh
76 turbine speed sensor - / signal return / sig rtn bn - wh/vt - bn/wh
77 power ground bk/ye
78 not used
79 not used
80 IMRC control bk/wh
81 pressure control solenoid A- bk/rd
82 Shift solenoid C gn/bk
83 idle air control valve control grn/yel
84 not used
85 camshaft position sensor signal / sensor sig rtn wh/vt - bn/wh
86 sensor signal wh/rd
87 knock sensor - bn/ye
88 MAF output wh/bu
89 throttle position sensor signal wh
90 VREF ye
91 transmission fluid temp - bn
92 stop lamp switch input gn/rd
93 HO2S 1 control bk/ye
94 not used
95 injector 4 control bk/og
96 injector 2 control bk/ye
97 power hold realy output gn/ye
98 not used
99 shift solenoid D gn/og
100 HO2S 2 control bk/bu
101 not used
102 shift solenoid E gn/wh
103 ground bk/ye
104 not used

sorry for the sloppyness, this was copied from a spreadsheet I made.
some things like the cam timing actuator are not on the focus zetec. there are also unclear markings like sensor signal. If anyone knows of a mistake or has a clarification, let me know and I'll change it. This list was compiled from two shop manuals.

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Wow, you actually found it? I remember a few months back when you mentioned looking into these for a swap you were working on, but that helps a lot for anyone else looking to do that. Is that for a specific engine, or are they all the same?

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from what I can gather, its generic zetec. The SPI uses the same EEC-V and there IS a designation for IMRC so its good for SPI. I saw markings for duratec specific pins but I dont know what duratec applications it applys to.

A good chunk of the info was gleaned from a copy of a shop manual posted in a link by DJSure. If he stops in here, maybe he can clarify. (not sure if it was his website)

If anyone has an SVTF pin diagram, please PM me with it.

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Ive got a question, I have a vct zetec in my cougar that I just converted to a non vct by using a focus head.

To sum it up its not running so great, my question is... Can I use say a focus ecu even though its returnless fuel system where my is return?

Also Contours before 98 also had regular zetec engines and the contour is a closer car to my own. Could it work as well?

is the pinout just general for the engine, what about gauges etc?

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according to the ford shop manual the svt engine is actually listed there as a duratec st. why i have no clue...

also, pin 48 is a clean tach signal. no need to install a tach driver under the hood. strip about 1/4 off the end of your wire and slip it into the hole pressing it in firm, then tape to other wires to keep it firmly in place.

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any word on if our Duratec is the same or not?

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I ordered a Duratec wiring diagram so when I get it I will post.

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goinloco1 said:
also, pin 48 is a clean tach signal. no need to install a tach driver under the hood.
Does anyone know if this pin 48 provides a square signal switching between 0V to 3.5-12V?

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I located this during my searches for Duratec V6 info. Someone else more knowledgeable will need to verify it. If it's the real deal I can stick it in excel later.

The photobucket link wouldn't work so I stuck it on my site to post here:

Someone out there posted a pinout from a '96 D25 V6 and the pinout is damn near the same, save for extra injectors, coil, and intake manifold runner control. Those things would occupy some of the pins marked "NOT USED" in the picture.

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okay perfect, so the o2 signal wire will be pin #60 for the SVTF, duratec, and zetec.

Thanks guys...... Great research...

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Bump for the Duratec pinout... anyone have it, or can verify the 2.5 v6 pinout is the same as the 2.0/2.3 duratec?

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FYI, the pinout is totally different from the duratec v6 one posted above.

I have the Focus Wiring Diagram Manual from Ford for the duratec Focus which lists all the wire colors, pinouts, etc in case anyone needs a hand with some ECU work.
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