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Electric Locks

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My locks gave out. They don't work anymore and the hatch won't open with out the key now. The remote no longer works either has anyone else had these problems? If so how much trouble was it to fix because I'm no longer under warranty... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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fuse maybe?
Already checked the fuses and everything was good.
Maybe a relay?
did you check F63 20 amps on the back of CJB ?
Like the last post states, the fuse that's likely bad, is #63, and it is inconveniently located on the back of the fuse box, in the footwell. You'll basically need to take off the bolts that hold the fuse bank to get to #63, unless you're masochistic.

I recently had to do this for my folks' 2k SE, but I now know that the fuse failed because the locks in the rear doors are sticking. This put undue stress on the circuit.
Sounds like it might be a bad module. Had the same problem afew times in afew different vehicles. The module cured it three out of four times.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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