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Electrical tape peeling off and almost going into radiator fans

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I have a 2005 with about 40,000 miles and there is a bundle of wires between the engine and the fan and it is wrapped in what looks like an electrical tape. It was peeling off and I couldn't get it to stay on. The loose end of the tape was in the fan shroud and almost touching the fan, so I cut it off.

Considering the heat seen in this area, I suspect I can't just use regular electrical tape.

Anyone else had this issue? What kind of wrapping/tape could I use to fix it?
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electrical tape works just fine.
I would just re wrap it but do a tight back wrap first (flip the tape over and have the sticky side out) so that you can get a nice clean service to put the tape on. I would give the tape a nice tug every time you go around to get it to go tighter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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