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Emblem Mod?

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I am not sure if this has been discussed here or not....but as a former F150 owner, I know you can remove the clear cover, and blue color from the for emblem. Are the Focus emblems the same?

I'd like to repaint the emblem CD silver, and recover it like the factory clear coating.

A lot of the F150 guys just remove the blue, to make it look billet, and others paint it to match the vehicle.

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You can just buy one off ebay... they have a wide range of colors.

I've not heard if the Focus emblems can do that or not.
Yes Ive heard of it being done. They are all constructed the same, just different sizes.

Try PMing Lman. He did this on his and put diamond plate vinyl behind the Ford.
I have seen this done to a focus before but i dont remember where i saw it at.

Wow, I just realized that was no help at all. sorry
I have done this with my emblems before. You just need alil heat coming from the backside of them emblem and pry carefully. You can easilly pull off the chrome ford lettering. Then just do soem light sanding to get rid of the blue then paint whatever your heart desires. I then used 3M moulding tape to stick emblem back on.
nice~i just picked up silver face with red ST logo in the center an year ago.

one question, can you pull chrome ford lettering??
because mine is not. differ by year of maodel i guess??
here's one I made myself
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