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Engine mount alignment.

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Hi, I have a 2013 focus navigator 1.6 TDI, the gearbox mount bolt snapped and the engine dropped forward hanging on the other two mounts. I had it recovered home and have since replaced the gearbox mount and the bracket, I also replaced the O/S engine mount aswell. I am in the process of Changing the lower rear mount but it is out of alignment. The engine appears to be to far to the O/S and I have spent ages trying to move the engine over by levering it but nothing works. Nothing is touching and by looking at the engine from above it appears to be in the right place but the bracket for the mount says otherwise. Has anyone any ideas on how I can sort this out.
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Hi thanks for the message, I have tried to move the engine with all the mounts loose but it didn't seem to move much... It's been a real pain as what should be a straight forward job has taken all day and still one mount isn't done. How easy should it be to move the engine with the other mounts loose?
Okay thanks for your help, Ile try and give it a go tomorrow.
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