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I have an '04 ZX3 with about 176k miles and have a problem with error code P0401.
My mechanic and I can't get it to go away. (I do some things myself, but when I get stuck I go to him)
Items replaced:
EGR valve and gasket
EGR solenoid
Upper oxygen sensor
DPFE sensor
PCV hose (probably not related, but was collapsed)
checked all pins, hoses and connections
cleaned MAF sensor

My mechanic performed function test and verified operation and found no issues, but the next day after driving to get emissions tested - CEL came back on

This happened twice and after the first time, he replaced the DPFE thinking the one I bought may have been faulty.

He says the next step would be to verify a good working computer, but I'd rather not go to the dealer for that.

I've read some (not all) of the posts related to this and the biggest difference, for me, is that I'm not getting any hesitation and the engine is not running rough at all.

Any suggestions would be great as I need to pass the emissions test to renew my plate sticker...


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