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Esslinger Cam Gears...any good?

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I'm lookin to get Esslinger cam gears and was wondering if they are any good, and what you people think about them...

any help appreciated...Ollie

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I've seen them get tuned in action - they serve their purpose. My new favorite cam gears are the new Fidanzas. Look awesome and only $200 - can't beat it. Here's a pic of the pair Nick just got:

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egg - yeah...the fidanzas are nice. a buddy of mine is running them and nice price too. The only reason why I'm asking about the esslinger is cuz a buddy of mine is selling brand new ones for around 160. If the quality is good and poeple are satisfied with them I woudl rather jump on that and save 40 bucks to put towards the head and cams...

Yeah - get the Ess's then. You won't be let down - they're very nice too.
i've got the esslinger gears and havent experienced any problems. the only thing about them, and i believe this was confirmed by a esslinger rep awhile back (do a search), that each tick is actually 2 degrees... something to keep in mind when tuning them.
well I will be goign to tom's to get them tuned. So I woudl assume he knows what he is doing. But thanx for the heads up. I apreciate it.
i have the fidanzas and i like em
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If it's any indicator of value, it's been said that the Ford Racing cam gears are actually rebadged Esslinger gears...with a higher price tag, of course
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i have the esslingers and have had no issues with them. get them if ther only 160.
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