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Euro Hood Lock

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Can you make this work with the American oem grill?
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You need a euro grill for the flipping emblem to expose the keyhole
If I removed the emblem from the front of my grill and made a hole that would fit the lock through and didn't worry about replacing the emblem, would it work w/ my stock grill? Is that the only reason why I would need the Euro grill?
You could, but then it would look kinda ghetto. Plus without the cover the lock would get all dirty from bugs, snow, rain, etc.

Also it wouldn't be hidden and someone could take a screwdriver to it to try to pry it open.

Just my opinion, get the Euro grille, it makes the whole thing look cooler.
Yeah you could ghetto rig your N/A Spec grille to flip open like the euro ones. I have a spare Euro Ford Flipping emblem im not using, maybe you can try and see if you can fit it to your stock grille.
Hey, Paolo, I would be interested in your flipping emblem. Do you think by looking at it there would be a way to make it work w/ the stock grill? With your experience, is this the only modification that would be necessary? How much shipped to 67207? Thanks!
Hey man, you still have that emblem?
i cant find it, let me look arround if I still have it.
Cool thanks. Thought I would wait to hear from you before I had to order one.
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where can I get a lock kit for my latch to fit the euro grill?
Ok, it won't let me put the website address on here. It keeps posting it as [censored].net. You have PM.
it starts with www.f and ends with
or maybe it started with www.european and ended with

Something like that!
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Yeah the euro is what I sent him.
It gives you a lock for your hood. Instead of having hood pins sticking up through, the lock is hidden behind the emblem in the front upper grill which flips down to expose it.
it's not really a mod....more like what it should be like from the factory.
and it is in europe
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whats the point of this "mod" anyway
So no one can break into your car, pop the hood open and steal your expensive Mach HID headlights.

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the Euro emblem for the grill is larger than the US grill emblem, it's tha same size as the rear one
Paolo, any luck finding it? I figure "No" since you haven't posted, but thought I would check in case you forgot. Thanks again!
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