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Euro / Kona roof rack owners...

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Actually, this is probably more directed at the Euro rack owners, but Kona owners could probably put in their two cents as well...

I would like to know if the brushed aluminum bars on the Euro roof rack seem paintable.

I want a black rack, so I was willing to shell out the extra $60 or so to the dealer just for the black color.
However, if the Euro rack is paintable, I could just paint the silver bars black and save me some cash. Which I'll need for bike trays for the rack.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
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I don't see any reason why you couldn't paint it black, however the durability would not be the same as the black powdercoated finish on the Kona rack. Personally, I like my silver european rack. For some reason I think it looks better in brushed aluminum compared to the black Kona rack.
Well, my car is a dark green, which I don't think the sliver rack would look good on.

I just had two ideas...

1: I could paint the rack to match the car...

2: I work across the street from a body shop who my company is on good terms with. Perhaps I could get the rack bars painted there, either custom done to match the car (probably expensive, though) or have them throw the bars in on their next black paint job (hopefully cheap).

If you don't mind me asking, what color is your car, and do you have a picture of the rack on your car?
Here is a picture of mine:

Before I put the bike rack on, I too though I would rather have black. But after seeing my bike rack next to the Kona rack, I realize the silver looks much better on the car. I think the silver looks less noticeable on the car, and really doesn't mess up the lines of the car. The darker color sticks out and is more noticeable...kind of makes the car look much taller than it really is. I imagine this effect would be multiplied if you colord it body would almost look as though your roof were that high. My .02
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Wow, your car looks great! I like the black rims.

Well, I also think I'm gonna go with the silver Euro rack. I decided it ought to look OK with the silver rims I have, and I'm gonna see if a Thule V2 bike carrier (which is silver) will look good on the rack.

Thanks for posting a picture of your car!
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