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Everett - Burlington folks?

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Am I all alone? I see some Everett folks...
Any Seattle area meets in the future?
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i live in Bothell about 20 min from everett
how fars seattle into washington from oregon? I am way too lazy to find a map. My boys are up in seattle (Seahawks). Where have previous meets been in the seattle area, if any?
193 miles North
Am I all alone? I see some Everett folks...
Any Seattle area meets in the future?
i'm in north everett. i know hommie lives up here somewhere, too.

there are a couple of guys in the other direction, too, in bellingham.

not sure about meets other than the normal 2nd tuesday of the month thing (in burien -- southwest of seatac). our 1st monday eastside social event might get skipped as it's the day before the 2nd tuesday... kind of a tight schedule.

welcome! you might go to "My Home" -> "Personal Information ..." -> "Geographic Location" and set your locale (that makes it show up under your name, on the left).
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im inn south everett
I would prolly take about 3 hrs from Portland or a little less than that to get to Seattle.
SpeedDemonZX3, Seattle is about 170 miles north of the boarder and about another 20-30 miles more to Everett.

Fredness, if you would like to do something speek up and try to get something going. I am thinking we need to do somthing going this weekend in Everett.

So does anyone want to meet this weekend? I am thinking of meeting at "The Rock Woodfired Pizza and Brewery". If there is some intrest then I will start a new post about it.

Yes I do live in the everett area. I am always game to meet up. Just drop me a line!
Sweet. I enjoyed the monthly G2G, looking forward to the next one. See my dyno post.
I live near southcenter mall
What does that have to do with Everett-Burlington area?
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