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EVO owners - Mitsu is watching you!

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I get a call from the service manager yesterday and it turns out that the District Rep has photographs along with dates and times of me racing my car at the track! They knew down to the very date, minute, and location that I ran my car down the strip. I have not personally seen the photographs YET, but they hit the nail right on the head with the date and time so I highly doubt they are bluffing--otherwise, it would be one hell of a good guess!
How f'd up is that?
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same goes for rx8's!!!
I heard that Subaru has done the same thing with their WRXs.

It is indeed [censored] up.
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i don't blame them, given the amount of people i've seen on WRX forums trying to con their dealers into fixing stuff that was caused from messing with their engines.

but yeah, that is kinda freaky. maybe they should start putting camoflage on their cars.
Yup, lets give everyone one more reason to participate in illegal racing.
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I remember running down in Chicago (actually like 20 mins south of there) with our Civic and they were asking for our engine numbers. I thought it was werid but they explained that they only wanted to see that our engine was "legit"...
I thought that was funny because they didn't do that to the Nissian and other import cars that were there....

Mmmmm....mysteries go on...
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civics would get checked because there are SO many hot honda engines out there.
If you read much, you'd basically have the understanding that there is no effective warranty on the EVO, a few people have had stuff fixed under warranty, but the majority of posters on evom are SOL, whether or not they have raced or modified their cars or not. The biggest gripe is with clutch and the rear bumper support rusting.

My opinion where Mitsubishi has gone wrong is in their marketing of the car, we've all seen the stupid checklist they ran in their advertising and give to new owners, the brochure also has the section that states "Go forth and modify", they alude to it's racing heritage and state it's rally bred race car made for the street.

People are getting so afraid that they are placing this in their signatures because people are saying dealers are saying they know their cars are modified because they read it on evom:

Disclaimer: All Mitsubishi corporate employees, Mitsubishi dealerships, Mitsubishi service personnel or employees, family, friends, or acquaintances thereof: This in no way constitutes an admission or acknowledgement of tampering, modification, usage, or alteration of any vehicle in my posession or component thereof in such a fashion as to void, cancel, deny or otherwise refuse service on any service contracts, warrantees, or recall notices covering said vehicles. This and other posts submitted on this, or any Internet forum, under the screenname slt simply represent an attempt to gain acceptance from a peer group espousing cars of a high performance nature - especially those that have been altered to improve, enhance, or otherwise modify the automobile's natural characteristics. Any statements, claims, or graphical representations made that would constitute a violation of any contractual agreement are to be considered fictitious and not to be accepted in any court of law, or similar environment mediated for the purpose of dispute resolution.
My dealer Pape Mitsubishi has been great, the GM, Sales Manager, Lead Tech and my Sales Guy always come out and talk to me when I drive in for regular maintence, they've offered to install mods for me and have recommended places when they can't do something themselves. I do get questions if I've raced it, etc., but I don't think it's to void my warranty. Besides, I almost have 15K on my stock tires and they're only about 2/3 used up, so that proves that I haven't been racing my EVO because they only have a rated treadlife of 160. I haven't modified my car yet, unless you count cruise control and a turbo timer as modifications, I don't expect Mitsubishi to pay for something I broke as a result of racing or modifications, but I do expect them to fix something that was poorly designed and or defective through no fault of my own. I have yet had a problem with my car in the 4 months I've owned it. A year ago, when my SVTF was 4 months old, I was putting up for the winter because Ford couldn't fix the problems with my car. Needless to say, I more happy with the reliability of my EVO compared to my SVTF.

I think Subaru did a worse injustice with the WRX, they give an SCCA membership with every purchase, but clearly state that your warranty will be voided if you race.

The problem with most internet forums is every bad car symptom is usually catching to 75% of the members that read the forums, I've seen it on here with the SVT forum and I'm sure it's happening over at evom. I keep waiting for my clutch to need replacing at any moment.
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car companies suck. best day of my life was when my focus hit 36K miles. and I didnt fall for the BS "extended-no-warrenty". 90K miles today with no problems.
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