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Exhaust Noise

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If anyone has any info on what this annoying noise is plz leave a comment.

It seems when I rev up my svt to just about 1800-1900 rpm there is this noise that you can hear over the engine noise and it seems to come from the exhaust like maybe where the downpipe conects to the whole other exhaust. This noise doesn't seem to happen anywhere beyound 1900rpm,
But I still can't seem to pin pont the postion or how it is even making this noise...
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is it a sqeaking noise. If so it may be a gasket going bad somewhere. That happened on my zx3, it only got worse, eventually it sounded like I had a supercharger on my car.
It is your cat bracket or a heat shield on the cat.
It's your cat bracket. It attaches to the back of the block to keep stress off that beautiful stainless header, to keep it from cracking. It's a $50 part.
I bolted my broken bracket back together and braced it with a piece of steel I got at OSH for $5. Now it's stronger, I haven't heard that damn rattle since!
Yeah its most likely the cat bracket. If its broken have a friend Fab up a piece of metal to secure it to the old bracket. It breaks often I have had 3 now...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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