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I want a performance exhast for my car, but I don't want a noisy one. When i read about something having a "resonator" that kinda puts my off. I want something that sounds as close to stock as possible, but with improved performance.

Any suggestions?
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If you don't want loud (focussport) then the resonator is a must (focussport). I think that (focussport) some guys have taken their resonators out (focussport) and got a louder exhaust (focussport).

I would probably (focussport) go with the FocusSport exhaust......but hey thats just me!!

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I am getting the FocusSport myself!

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The reason why resonators actually make your exhaust quiet is they cancel the incoming sound waves from the exhaust by being tuning them to a certain wavelength in such a way that they cancel themselves by interference.

There are actually companies that are researching using computerized interference machines to silence other loud things. One that comes to mind is the folks working on a simple resonator for air jackhammers. Very odd seeing a jackhammer pounding away at the concrete almost completely silently.

P.S. I'm no expert, this is just how I think they work based on my rudimentary knowledge of how waves work. If I'm wrong someone please smack me down

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