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Final steps in repairing keying scratches

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A few weeks ago my wife's car got badly keyed by some asshat. We got the touchup paint, applied it with a toothpick, sanded it down with 2000 wet/dry, rinse/lather/repeat. Looks pretty good now. But, she used some rubbing compound around the scratch (the red 3M stuff, whatever grit that is) and it is still dull all around the repair. I'm pretty sure she didn't take off the clear coat, just dulled it down real good.

What will bring it back up? Car polish and wax are not working. A very fine rubbing compound? "Swirl remover"?
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you should have skipped the dry sanding, you need a high speed buff/polish on the area. this will restore the shine to the same as the rest of the car's paint.
when I wetsanded my front bumper it was all hazy, polishing compound didnt do too much but then I used meguiars 3 step system on it and it came out great.
The wet sanded area actually looks fine. The scratch/new paint was wet sanded with dots of 2000 grit punched out with a hole punch and glued to the eraser end of a pencil. The scratch looks fine, it's just surrounded by the dulled down area where the rubbing compound was used. I *intended* the rubbing compound to be used the same way, on the end of a pencil. My wife got ahead of me and read the directions on the can about a cloth and circular motions.....

I've got one of those turtle wax low speed buffers. You think that, the 1st step polish from meguires and some patience will bring it back?
yes it will, you can get it back by hand, but u need lots of silicone based polish, and i mean lots dont be skimpy here, then a buffer will fix it up, but make sure its not too hot, or it will burn the paint.
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