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First Auto-x any tips?

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Going to my first auto-x next weekend and was wondering if anybody has some general tips.

We have an 01 SE with 15" wheels and a 02 ZX5 with 16" wheels. I'm guessing the ZX5 would be the better choice, but then the 15's will roll more. Does that make sense?

Any suggestions for tire pressure? Both cars are stock as well.

All I really want to do it beat my brother-in-law in his neon.

Oh Well, any tips would be great!

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I drove better (relative to the rest of the class) the few times I was on factory 15" ZX3 rims with RS-A tires (195/60R15). The rest of the time I was on 16x7 Enkei 5+ rims with 205/50ZR16 Kumho 712 tires. Suspension and everything else was more or less the same (actually, I think I had a FS front bar on with the 15"s
, then I pulled it since it was rubbing badly on my Iceman). I don't know exactly what to make of that. What brand/model tires do you have on each set of wheels?

Also, what type of tranny do you have in each? Do you have a ZETEC in the SE Sedan?
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They are both Auto's and have ZETEC's.

If they both have stock tires, I'd take the 16" Firehawk GTAs over the 15" Screamin' Eagles. The GTA is no autocross tire, but it is far better than the Eagles.

Both tires have a somewhat fragile tread pattern that can chunk easily.

That said, most newer autocrossers are easier on tires and I recommend giving it a shot no matter which car you try. At this point in the game, either car will suit you fine. Just remember your main goal of the day isn't to beat anybody.. it is only to have fun!

Make sure you arrive early to prepare the car, get it teched, and attend the driver's meeting on time. Don't be shy to the fact you are a novice, and make sure to understand all the details of working the course and how cone penalties and DNFs work. Don't be afraid to ask somebody that looks intelligent for a little advice or help walking the course. If they have a novice coursewalk, make sure you attend it, no matter how silly you feel.

...and above all, HAVE FUN!!
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