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first night time csvt pics

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here are a few pics taken last night, first time night pics of my ride.

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that looks hella evil, i can't wait to see the detail in it tho, its way to dark in those pics

but from here, im jealous

*Edit for dumbness*
Checked ur cardomain, one bad csvt. I've always wanted one and have only really seen blue/silver hooked up ones. Your black demon is making me DROOL, those rims make ur look bro...what's the numbers on it?

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thanks brother, what day pics like these

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looks nice I'm glad we got the day pics, the night ones are hard to see
After last time, i'm just gonna say nice car they are very capable, more so than people think
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that looks good
sexy, the rear looks audi a4ish at night..
verry much so. i get approached all the time "hey wanna race that 4 door lol" i am like ok you WILL loose though.hehehe
yes it is and thank you. i am going for the stealth darth vader look, all black with red hypnotic banner and red L.E.D underbody kit.
I love that there is a carnival going on in the background, it makes the car seem more badass since it's not playing "kid games"... fun is just background noise.

Business is business, and it's business is looking mean.

Nice car. Plus I support the lack of daytime shots. This car is a creature of the dark...
probably the best looking CSVT I have seen yet
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how about some nite pics with lights on?
Ryan, your car is slow.
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Bringin an old thread back...LOL I'm thinking about picking one of these up. The black makes the car look pissed off about something.
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