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So, I went to the track tonite to run my focus for the first time ever
My car: early 2000 focus zx3 MTX75
Mods: stock intake/K&N dropin/svt snorkle/iceman add-on duct/65mm TB/ AFX UDP/ OBX 4-2-1 header/ FS FLex/ MBRP exhaust.

1st run ever:
RT: .631
60': 2.488
1/8: 10.373 @ 69.41 mph
1/4: 16.3 @ 78mph (tranny decided to go into 2nd instead of 4th gear)

2nd run ever:
RT: .436
60': 2.323
1/8: 10.195 @ 69.22mph
1/4: 15.967 @ 78mph (AGAIN tranny decided to go into 2nd instead of 4th gear)

Hopefully in the future i will actually get it into 4th, but I think i did pretty good except for the trap speed for my first 2 times ever.
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thoes are pretty good times. The last time I went to the track the best time I got was 16.9 and that was with my fat (censored) in the drivers seat. in a stock ztec focus
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Cool... though STOP blaming your transaxle for the 3-2 shift.... You're the nut behind the wheel.
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Yea I know its my fault for the shift, but it sounds funny the way i put it.
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how can you go to 2nd insted of 4th. it is just streight down.
Good to see another guy running here in Orlando. Speedworld I suppose. I should be out there in a week or so, testing out my new focus which should be even faster than the last. My best run there so far is a 15.59 and that was in the dead heat of summer. Hope to see you out there and go earlier so you can get more runs. Practice practice practice.
Your synchros must hate you.
ya you just slam it down ive never missed that shift

you should expect 15.5-15.6 maybe when you get that shift down as your trap will be much higher!
I'd say that 15.6's would be really good and 15.5's would be excellent with the mods listed. Are your times without any weight reduction? Do yourself a favor and get a chip and cai then we should have some pretty fair racing. BTW most of the guys that I have seen racing their foci in Bithlo run slow so it'd be nice to have some competition.
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